Long description: Photo of Alex sitting on their sofa beside Saffi, a small brown hound. Alex is wearing a black tank top with a mock turtleneck, black pleather leggings, heavy black eyeglasses and dark red lipstick. They are smiling slightly and resting their right hand on their left knee, which is bent up toward their chest. They have their left arm around Saffi who is sitting upright and looking seriously at the camera.

Pale gray handwritten-style font against dark gray background. Text reads, “WITH not FOR”. The word “not” is underlined with a swooping curve.

Dark gray text against a background of organic-looking mint green and white shapes. A heading in serif font says, “#DesigningWITHDisability New Year’s Resolutions”. Below is a bulleted list with four items. The first three items, with tick mark bullets, say “Speculate through disability”, “Embrace crip time”, and “Choose knowledgeable fearlessness”. The fourth item, with an open square bullet, says, “Stop making checklists”.

The Canadian Houses of Parliament, viewed from the back. The buildings are lit brightly by the sun, but the sky behind them has partial cloud cover. Credit: Taxiarchos228 at the German language Wikipedia.
Our physical needs and limits are not the same as yours. [Image: fat white nonbinary person with short blonde hair, lying with their head on a white pillow, looking exhausted.]

Image of a white femme-presenting nonbinary person with medium length reddish blonde hair looking off to their right side. The lighting is Baroque and half of their face is hidden in darkness. The image is blurry, as though the camera caught them in motion, or perhaps they don’t quite really exist.

Alex Haagaard

Disability-led design & health justice. Director of Communications for The Disabled List. They / theirs. Tip jar: paypal.me/alexhaagaard

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