But that’s the thing — that’s precisely not what the article, or my comment, said. What is worthless are assertions of support without any action to back them up. Which is what we, as minorities, encounter all the time.

And the fact that the support of ‘allies’ is contingent on minorities having to stop talking about our experiences in order to protect their feelings suggests that many ‘allies’ are more concerned with their own ego than with actually helping us.

If you stand up to tyranny and bigotry, great, keep doing that. Recognise these articles are not aimed at you and move on — or better yet, share them with the other ‘allies’ who need to do some learning.

But if it’s more important to argue with minorities about how under-appreciated you are as an ally than to listen to the very legitimate concerns they have with the rhetoric that the majority is engaging in, recognise that you are also part of the problem.

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