I do not have a problem with the issues that are being addressed in the show; I agree with you that many of them are probably realistic to a prison environment. I do have a problem with the ways in which those issues are portrayed in the show, and the characters who are centred in those portrayals.

As a disabled, queer white person, I ‘effing HATE’ when people equate critical viewing of media representation — which asks people to consider the social context and impact of the media they produce and consume — with censorship. I also ‘effing HATE’ when people who have not experienced things as triggering treat that word — which describes a set of very real, psychologically distressing phenomena — as a slur against people with whom they disagree.

In short, fuck you, your slurs and your straw-man arguments.


Disability-led design & health justice. Director of Communications for The Disabled List. They / theirs. Tip jar: paypal.me/alexhaagaard

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