Thanks for writing this. I know how hard it can be to write about the kind of traumatic experience you went through, but I agree that it’s important to talk about these things, both to help other people going through the same kinds of experiences, and to educate people who have never had a disability.

Just wanted to let you know that under the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is illegal to fire someone due to their disability. Moreover, an employer cannot require job applicants to disclose their medical history or disability status during the hiring process. So your boss’ comment that,

…I should have told them in the interview, they wouldn’t of been put off as I was the best candidate for the role….He told me it was more the dishonestly that I never informed them, [and] he didn’t “want the problem”…

was entirely out of line. It sounds to me like you were completing your work and doing it well (despite what your boss said in your final meeting), and based on the conversation you had with the woman from your college, it sounds like it was pretty apparent that they were firing you due to your disability. (It is also unfortunately fairly common for employers to do this kind of thing, where they suddenly bring up ‘problems’ with a disabled person’s work to get around the fact that they cannot fire them for their disability.)

I don’t live in the US, so I’m not really familiar with the process for lodging a complaint about this type of thing, but it may be worth discussing that with your college advisers. Sadly, the kind of discrimination you encountered is still all too common. I’m sorry you had to go through that. Thanks again for sharing your story.



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