That’s great for you that you have the luxury of not identifying us by what makes you different to us. That seems to be a very common argument amongst liberals who are white, cis, heterosexual, and abled — the people whom our society tends to define as the norm. Unfortunately, if you pay attention to what the bulk of people who are not white, cis, heterosexual or abled are saying, we do not have that luxury. Society marks us by our identities, and claiming those identities is our way of surviving and resisting. When you tell us that our ways of surviving are simplistic insular nonsense, you are not being an ally. Which is your choice. Don’t be an ally. Don’t listen to marginalised groups if you think what we say is nonsense. But don’t then try to tell us you’re on our side.


Disability-led design & health justice. Director of Communications for The Disabled List. They / theirs. Tip jar:

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