The number of commenters crying #NotAllMajority is rather telling here. Because, frankly, marginalised groups are not interested in hearing how much you’ve been here for us, for the same reason we’re not interested in hearing about how much you will stand with us. If you are going to stand with us, do so; don’t sit here telling us about it. The only person whom that discussion benefits is you. And meanwhile, we are surrounded by members of the majority who are, even now, telling us we need to set aside our identity politics — as if a politicised identity is something one can shed like a piece of clothing — in order to make peace with the people who have explicitly stated their desire to take our rights away.

If you want to help minorities, help us; don’t ask us to expend emotional energy that we don’t have right now in validating your desire to be a good ally.


Disability-led design & health justice. Director of Communications for The Disabled List. They / theirs. Tip jar:

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